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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Pickering Software Services Limited

Doug Pickering. Managing Director


Since founding PickSoft Doug has helped hundreds of businesses improve their systems with the main aim being to make IT work better for them. Along the way Doug has built the business up with the support from his fantastic customers and incredible team who are all just as dedicated to helping customers and ensuring their solutions are working for them.
Kelvin Jones. Customer Liaison Manager


Kelvin joined the team in 2013 and comes with extensive people skills.  Kelvin enjoys all aspects of customer service and really engaging with our customers to ensure that their organization has complete satisfaction with the PickSoft products.


Joshua Castle. Junior Developer


Josh came on board in 2014 with his young and fresh mind, eager to learn and take on board all the IT challenges that are thrown at him.  With his background primarily in maths, he is now currently working towards furthering his IT knowledge in software and web development.


Keely Kendrick. Operations Manager


A recent addition to the team, Tina has 25 years’ experience in print finishing. She’s been a wonderful asset providing excellent customer service and lightening up the office by being happy and excitable. If you’re having a bad day it’s easily brightened by Tina’s antics and (definitely) unique laugh. 


Marketa Pechova. Office Coordinator


With a wealth of expertise in administration, Marketa brings years of experience in organization into the day-to-day running of the business.  Keeping the team in check she is a vital part of the support team.

Tony Hill. Developer


Tony has worked with Doug on a number of projects over many years and is all things technical, whether it’s writing an app or solving complex customer problems, he can do it all.


Jade Barnard. Administrator


Jade is an excellent all rounder when it comes to admin. With her bubbly personality she is always happy to help customers and other members of the team. Jade is keen to take on any task given to her and will always ensure the result is a positive one.

Keely Kendrick. Operations Manager


Our newest member Dan has brought a lot to the team since he arrived; with a love of video editing his skills are being put to good use. He’s a calming presence for the office who has really helped other members of the team with their fear of cameras! 


Adrian Leate. Principle Consultant


With a weird love of data Adrian has a knack for finding and then solving problems. There are few systems Adrian has not had a hand in fixing (and probably breaking) in the past.