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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

PSPacMon - Automated software to record packaging

PSPacmon package contents PSPacmon packaged item

These photos were generated while the order was being packed.  This added 5 seconds to the packing time.

PSPacMon is a system to record the packaging of orders that are sent to customers by courier or postal systems.  Designed to by quick and unobtrusive, the system will take photos of the package and contents.  It consists of a camera which is mounted above the packing area which is connected to a computer and monitor screen. The packaging area is marked out to allow clear and accurate photographs to be taken.

The operator positions the packing control sheet and items to be packed and then presses a button.  A photograph is taken which is then processed to find barcodes in the image.  The barcode is used to determine the order being packed and allows a remote operator to verify the correct items are being packaged.  This quality control step can be made anywhere through the Internet.

The operator then packs the items and when finished places the packaged item ready to be photographed again.  Once again the barcode on the package is read along with any barcodes used by the shipping company for tracking.

PSPacMon will send an email to the customer shortly after the packaging is completed with photos of the package.


  • Record of the contents of a package
  • Record of the condition of the package before entering the postal system
  • Reduced number of support contact from customers
  • Evidence for insurance claims if the package is lost or there is a dispute
  • Accurate timings indicate length of time taken to package order
  • Accurate recording of tracking numbers
  • Efficient processing of returned items
  • Remote quality control capability
  • Increased customer satisfaction
More modules for PSPacMon are currently being Developed.  These include:



- once the packet has been identified, help for the operator is provided on screen to help with packaging.  This can include identifying what type of packaging material to use, any special packing requirements, what labels to use and even videos to show the process.


- a remote status screen showing packing performance.  The screen will show the current workload and progress being made.  Timings from the packaging of previous orders can help provide accurate estimates on resource requirements.


 - a remote system to allow quality control to be carried out by external teams.  This can be used by companies to authorise the sending of packages through packing agencies.