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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Product Description

MergeIT2 is a mature application used by Housing Associations, Local Authorities and other RSL's to merge, print, email and store documents generated from internal systems for delivery to tenants, contractors, leaseholders and others.  It is currently used by over 80 customers and generates around 20 million A4 page image per year.

    Rich templates can be created using all the features of Microsoft Word
    Multi-threaded system produces many documents simultaneously
    Works on Microsoft Windows operating systems
    Ability to customise how a document is produced based on data used to merge the document
    Powerful macro language
    Ability to create rich, print ready PDF files
    Error handling that allows individual errors to be corrected and re-run without holding up other jobs
    Full technical support to help generate or optimise templates


    Strong error recovery prevents prints stalling and holding up all print jobs
Extensive use of multithreading to deliver fast merging
Several additional products available to reduce administration costs

Additional products

    Certified Templates
    Consolidated Rent Statements
    Contractor Email
    Document Management interface
    Microsoft SharePoint interface
    Global Variables
    Print Routing
    Pull Printing Interface
    Stock Overlay
    Hybrid Mail Interface
    Text Report Capture
    Word Free Option
    Image Merge Extension