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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pickering Software Services Limited

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MergeIT2 Certified Templates

Do you want to merge and print 100 times faster?

MergeIT Certified Templates are designed to merge very rapidly. Traditionally MergeIT templates have been written, merged and printed from Word. Word is very easy to use and very flexible but as a result it sacrifices performance.

Certified Templates have been developed by PickSoft to generate Word documents and PDF files that look identical to the versions merged in Microsoft Word, but without using Microsoft Word at all, therefore speeding up the process of creating a merge document.

The process is simple, just identify the document templates you want to run faster and PickSoft will use a team experienced in producing merged documents to deliver a template certified to run in MergeIT at top speed.

Certified Templates can use all the advance features of MergeIT including barcodes, stock overlay and global variables. 


  • Super high speed merging

  • Same volume of merge documents created using less instances and MergeIT versions

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Less time spent waiting for printed output

  • Reduced CPU and memory load on merge machine

  • Can be utilised to add barcodes to a document

MergeIT Certified Templates for Orchard Housing Video