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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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How to be better connected with your contractors....


MergeIT2 Contractor Email

Do you still fax documents to contractors?

MergeIT contractor email will enable you to remove the need to fax job tickets or email contractors manually. MergeIT contactor email is very flexible and will allow emails and attachments to be sent in different formats. It is possible to work with your contractors to provide them with the most relevant information to increase accuracy and response times.

MergeIT contractor email has been used to send job tickets as plain text, PDF attachments and CSV files to allow direct integration into the contractors own systems.

Organization’s that have implemented contractor email have achieved major cost reductions and have been able to reduce the workload on their own team. Contractors have welcomed the system and been able to improve their own process to deliver a higher quality service. The overall impact has been reflected in the responses given by tenants. 


  • Remove faxing costs

  • Recover time spent faxing

  • Allow contractors to receive jobs quickly

  • Attach job information in multiple formats

  • Reduce support costs