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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pickering Software Services Limited


Coming soon to the MergeIT family... 

Mobile Merging

PickSoft are working on a solution to enable data captured on mobile devices to be more easily sent to MergeIT for printing, emailing and storing in EDM systems.

Remote management

A new app is being developed to allow MergeIt to be maintained from an operators PC. The app will alert operators when print jobs fail and allow instances to be started, stopped and configured.

Merge Template Review Service (MTRS)

This service will analyse all the templates being used by MergeIt and report on the details such as font usage, merge fields used and image use. The report will contain details of the size of templates and provide advice on improving presentation and speed.


A facility to allow parts of documents to be edited prior to printing is being developed. This facility will alert a user when their document has been merged and allow them to edit it if they choose. The document will be passed back to MergeIt for final printing, emailing and adding to EDM systems.