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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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How to take charge of your output.


MergeIT2 Print Routing

Do you want to do more than just print a document after it has been merged?

By default, after merging a document -

  • MergeIT2 will print the merged document to the printer specified in Orchard. The print file name is the Orchard PrintID. 
  • If PDF has been specified in Orchard, MergeIT2 will also save the the merged document as a PDF file in the PDFOutput directory. The PDF file name is the Orchard PrintID.
  • If MergeIT2 Pull Printing is being used, the output will be assigned to the requesting Orchard user.

Under some circumstances, greater flexibility is required to service business needs more efficiently.

MergeIT2 Print Routing provides a means to enhance the default behaviour for handling merged documents. It can be used to selectively email, change the file name, save in an alternate location, change the Pull Printing user or print to an alternate print device.

Some examples of what our customers are already using MergeIT2 Print Routing for are -

  • To Email remote users instead of printing.
  • To stop printing tenant receipts for emergency jobs.
  • To determine the output printer based on the document's associated department code in order to print to the appropriate headed stock.
  • To save the document to a location where it can be further edited prior to distribution.
  • To change the file name and directory of PDF output.
  • For Pull Printing - to change to print file name to make it easier for users to recognise the document they wish to print.
  • For Pull Printing - to change the owner for jobs that were requested by batch, e.g. to allocate Tenant Receipts to the Entered By Officer.


  • Reduces admin.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Simplifies processes.